Procure-to-Pay Platform Designed for Real Estate

With Nexus’ Procure-to-Pay platform, real estate companies can manage their spend with complete visibility and control. Using just a few clicks, AP teams can buy goods and services, send electronic purchase orders, manage and approve invoices, and track job costs – all from the same software platform. They can also manage, vet, and pay their suppliers electronically. Nexus has modules for every need. The platform integrates into your system of record, too.

Procure from Online Catalogs

Incorporate custom supply catalogs and enforce ordering rules

  • Embed multiple supplier catalogs into your Nexus Procure-to-Pay platform
  • Select items from multiple catalogs and place them in one master shopping cart
  • Generate purchase orders on the fly
  • View reporting to show purchases from catalogs
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Upload supplier catalogs directly into your Nexus procure-to-pay platform to make compliant purchasing second nature for all employees.
Create, approve, and send purchase orders electronically within the Nexus procure-to-pay platform

Generate Electronic Purchase Orders

Create a fast, standardized, and transparent PO process to purchase supplies and services

  • Create an electronic PO from a template
  • Confirm available funds in the GL
  • Route through the PO approval process using customized workflows
  • Convert or flip the PO into an invoice, within the procure-to-pay platform
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Automate Invoicing

Process thousands of invoices a month. Keep all your safeguards in place.

  • Eliminate manual entry and lost invoices with electronic ingestion
  • Route invoices electronically using your existing workflows
  • Use audit trails to mitigate fraud and improve compliance
  • View invoice status 24/7 – on desktop and mobile
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Automate the receipt, processing, and approval of all your invoices using the Nexus procure-to-pay platform.
Electronically manage all construction and job expenses using the Nexus procure-to-pay platform

Track Job Costs

Track and manage construction expenses in your Invoices and POs

Get a clear view of the costs associated with each building initiative. Allocate costs to the right contracts, jobs, and projects.

  • Code invoices and POs correctly with the correct job costs
  • Track to budget
  • Build real-time reports
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Report on Spend

Generate reports to understand spend by property, region, contract

Pull standard and self-service reports to understand every aspect of your spend, down to the line item.  Compare actuals to budgets imported from your GL and viewable in the Procure-to-Pay platform. Schedule reports to be automatically emailed to you and other stakeholders. Plus, control who can access reporting by roles and responsibilities.  Learn More >

AP staff will find the reports they need in Nexus.

AP Staff

Audit report, GL accrual report, Invoices by Days Outstanding, Duplicate Invoice Report

IT managers and Admins will be able to pull the user and system reports they need for oversight.

IT/Admin Manager

System Users Report, User Logins Report

Property managers can use Nexus reporting to track productivity metrics of their team.

Property Manager

Invoice Detail Reports, Budget Summary Report

Regional real estate managers can keep their pulse on how each property is performing.

Regional Manager

Purchase Compliance Report, Purchasing Detail Report

Manage Suppliers Online

Digitize your interactions with suppliers using the NexusConnect online portal. Receive invoices, send electronic POs and Payments, and vet new suppliers.

  • Reduce manual invoice ingestion
  • Allow your AP staff to focus on more high-value activities than answering supplier calls
  • Build better communication with suppliers
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With NexusConnect, you can start transacting electronically with your suppliers. You'll save time and strengthen your ties with suppliers.
Quit cutting paper checks for supplier payments. Outsource payments to Nexus - we'll pay suppliers electronically and support them if they need help.

Pay Suppliers Electronically

End the hassle of paying 1000s of suppliers with checks. Use Nexus to manage your payments.

  • Supplement supplier payment options – Nexus Virtual Card and ACH
  • View payment status and settlement date in real time
  • Reduce processing fees, check fees, and potential fraud
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Hear what customers have to say

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