Procure to Pay in Half the Time

With Nexus’s Procure to Pay platform, real estate companies can shave time off their every-day-tasks from procuring supplies to paying the bills. Plus, they’ll cut out hard costs as well.

Nexus Procure to Pay Platform

Centralize Ordering & Track Easily

With the Nexus Catalog module, enable every team to purchase supplies at your pre-negotiated rates – all within the Nexus platform.​

Just let us know the national retailers you use and Nexus will embed those catalogs into your Nexus platform for one-stop-ordering.​

You can require an electronic PO before purchasing to avoid surprise costs and duplicate orders. Track easily.

procure to pay catalog

Learn About The Catalog Module

Customers report saving 10-15% off purchases
Hobson 2021 Report

Less Time on Procurement Activities
Learn About the Electronic PO Module​

Create a Fast & Standardized PO Process

With the Purchase Order module, enable purchasers to create an electronic PO effortlessly and receive approval fast. ​​

Just setup approval workflows that route POs automatically to the right reviewers. You can even:​

  • ​Trigger special workflows for over-budget and/or high dollar amount items.​
  • Provide approvers with visibility into budget and actuals, before they sign off.​
  • Match POs to invoices and receipts (two-way and three-way matching).​

Sharply Reduce Invoice Processing Time & Gain More Visibility

​Process 100 or 10,000 invoices in just a few days, while increasing control.​

  • Receive pre-coded invoices and significantly reduce manual data entry.​
  • Use your existing invoice approval workflows. Add others as needed.​
  • Provide invoice status online so everyone – including your suppliers – can be on the same page.
Less Time on Invoice Review and Approvals
Learn About the Invoice Module​
Track Job Costs on Invoices & POs in the Nexus Procure to Pay platform
Learn About Job Costs

Track Job Costs in Invoices & POs

Pull job cost data from your GL and incorporate it in your invoices and purchase orders and know where each project stands.​

Generate Reports Lightning Fast with Reporting in Nexus’s Procure to Pay Platform

Run standard and self-service reports to understand every aspect of your spend, down to the line item. ​Plus, prepare bulk invoice and CAM reports in seconds. ​

Less Time on Reporting
Learn About Nexus Reports
Procure to pay platform for AP staff

AP Staff

CAM report, Month-end Purchase Order Report, GL Detail Reports​

Procure to pay platform for IT/admin manager

IT/Admin Manager

System Users Report, User Logins Report

Procure to pay platform for Property Managers

Property Manager

Invoice Detail Report, Budget Summary Report​

Less Time Communicating with Vendors
Learn About NexusConnect

Provide Invoice and Payment Status Online for Everyone

Free your AP team from answering supplier calls, while giving your suppliers instant answers. With NexusConnect, suppliers can upload their invoices, and view invoice and payments status online.​

With Nexus electronic invoice processing in our Procure to Pay platform, suppliers can track the status of their invoices online through NexusConnect

Pay Easily & Securely with NexusPayments

Add NexusPayments to pay invoices in just a few clicks.​

Once invoices are approved and ready-to-pay, just batch them in your GL and send through to NexusPayments. Nexus will debit your bank accounts and pay your suppliers with secure electronic payment methods, including the widely accepted Nexus Virtual Card.

You’ll be able to track all payments online and see the associated invoice.

Less Time on Processing Payments
Learn About NexusPayments

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Real estate companies talk about all the benefits of using the Nexus Procure to Pay platform.

P2P Platform FAQ

Automating the procure-to-pay process affords you greater control and visibility, lets you work more efficiently, and reduces the chances of fraud – among other things.

It may help to think of AP automation as one component of Procure to Pay. AP automation typically converts everything from invoice receipt to payment into electronic steps, whereas Procure to Pay automation also digitizes the steps that come before the invoice (i.e. the creation and approval of purchases).

An automated procure-to-pay platform brings both accounts payable and purchasing into a single platform, and makes everything cohesive, quick, and visible.

No. You can pick and choose which modules you need. Add on at any time.