Easy Online Ordering – Procurement Catalog Right At Your Fingertips

Centralize Spending with Procurement Catalogs Embedded in Your Nexus Platform

Enable your employees to purchase the real estate supplies they need when they need them from a centralized purchasing platform.

The Nexus Purchase-to-Pay platform can host all your customized procurement catalogs – making it easy for authorized users to purchase goods and services within your company guidelines and pre-negotiated prices.

Save the team trips to the store or browsing infinite tabs. Embed procurement catalogs within the Nexus platform for easy, compliant, and trackable ordering.

  • Eliminate surprise credit card bills
  • Save money by allowing entire team to use pre-negotiated pricing
  • Reduce time spent on purchasing/tracking because it’s all in one place – some Nexus customers reduce time spent on procurement by 70%

When Shopping from Catalogs, Generate POs Automatically

Once they’ve shopped from the procurement catalog(s), users generate electronic purchase orders with a click. They can easily compare the PO against budget and actuals, imported directly into Nexus from your GL. Any budget overage notes can be added directly to the PO.

Then, the PO is sent through your approval workflows for stakeholders to review before expenses are incurred. Once approved, the purchase order will be sent to the supplier(s).

View the process of purchasing from your customized procurement catalogs in the Nexus AP automation platform.

Approvers Review POs Directly from Their Nexus Dashboard

Approvers in corporate headquarters or elsewhere can easily see which purchase orders need review – and can take action immediately. They can also review rejected purchase orders with a click.
Nexus will also automatically match POs to invoices, once the products are purchased.

iew reporting show purchases made within and outside of embedded procurement catalogs

View the Status of All Purchases

Authorized users will be able to see all purchases and their status using Nexus reports. They’ll also be able to see any purchases made outside of your embedded procurement catalogs.

“Makes ordering easy! I love that all orders from any company can be placed from this one software application! I can also keep up with budgeting for our property, and ensure invoices are paid as well. It’s everything you need wrapped into one place!”

Haley W.,
Property Manager
(Source: Capterra)