Create Electronic POs Fast

Use PO module to generate purchase orders and route them quickly for approval – all within Nexus.

With E-POs, Save Your Team Time & Your Company Money

By adding the Nexus purchase order module, you can create, manage, and track electronic POs – all within your NexusPayables account. In no time, you’ll be able to:

  • Eliminate surprise purchases
  • Plan and budget better
  • Have an audit trail

View electronic purchase orders directly from your NexusPayables dashboard

Create Electronic Purchase Orders and Compare to Budget

With just a few keystrokes, create an electronic purchase order and send it to approvers. You can also easily compare to budget and actuals – before you purchase – because budgets are imported directly to NexusPayables from your accounting system. Compare to the fiscal period and year.

Plus, you can also add any budget overage notes to the electronic PO.

Flip Electronic PO to an Invoice

Once the goods and services are delivered, flip the PO into an invoice created within NexusPayables. The name of the supplier, price, quantity, and items ordered will be auto-populated into the new invoice. You can also choose the line items you want to include in the invoice.

Shows how you can easily convert an electronic purchase order to an invoice

Keep a PO Open

Didn’t receive all the goods and services ordered? Keep the PO open – while creating an invoice for the goods received. Just incorporate the line items you want.

Mitigate Risk with Three-way Matching

Eliminate manual cross-checks with electronic POs. You can configure Nexus to automatically match an electronic purchase order to an invoice and to a receipt, safeguarding your business against incorrect or fraudulent invoices.

Authorized users can order products and services within NexusPayables

Use Nexus Catalog and PO Modules Together for Greater Accountability

Embed your suppliers’ online catalogs into your NexusPayables account with the Nexus Catalog module. Then, you can select items from suppliers’ catalogs, create electronic purchase orders, and route for approval(s). Everything happens within the same system – using your workflow rules, supplier discounts, and purchasing guidelines.

Pull Purchase Order Reports

Pull reports specifically related to your electronic purchase orders. For example, monitor if individual line items in a PO have been released, received, canceled and/or invoiced, track POs by vendor, and/or pull purchasing summary reports.​

Select PO from the ‘Report Type’ dropdown

“Before using Nexus Purchase Orders and Catalog, spending was maintained on a spreadsheet and there was no real workflow if you will. Now it’s built into the system so when somebody tries to order something, the system knows ‘OK, this person is either not allowed to order that or, if they do order or try to order that stuff, it’s going to go to the next level’, depending on what we’ve set within Nexus.

I would really recommend to companies that aren’t using Purchase Orders and/or the Catalog, to use both. It’s a win-win.”

Richard Bonney, IT Director
R.A. Snyder Properties


Nexus AP Payments Software FAQ

E-POs provide greater accountability and visibility into spend. They also lessen the likelihood of errors.

If you’re interested in performing 2-way or 3-way matching to protect your organization from fraudulent invoices, e-POs can help. E-POs – offered as part of an AP automation platform – can be automatically checked against their corresponding invoices (for a 2-way match), or against their corresponding good receipts and invoices (for a 3-way match).

No. And you can always start small and require e-POs for just certain parts of your overall spend, such as for office suppliers.

Yes, you can have distinct approval workflows for each. You can also set it up so that if an e-PO is approved, its corresponding invoice is automatically approved (if they are an exact match).

No. You can pick and choose which modules you need. Add on at any time.