Receive Pre-coded Invoices Directly into Your Nexus Account

Receive Pre-coded Invoices Directly into your Nexus Account

Time Savings for Your AP Team

While Your Suppliers Enjoy Complete Visibility

With Nexus AP automation, you don’t have to do the heavy lift. Your suppliers can easily send their pre-coded invoices to your NexusPayables account by emailing a CSV file, uploading invoices to a portal, or using Nexus eInvoice. They get 100% visibility into invoice status for almost all submission methods. So, you won’t be answering questions like, “Did you receive my invoice?”.

Thousands of suppliers across the US accept virtual cards through Nexus AP Payments Software.

Invoices Transmitted via CSV File

Suppliers simply generate a CSV file with invoice data from their Accounting System and email it to a Nexus email address. No invoice image file in PDF or Word required.*

They’ll also receive confirmation that the invoice file was transmitted successfully. If it wasn’t, they’ll get notified so they can re-submit it.

* Supplier must submit CSV files in a specific format, which can be obtained in NexusConnect.

Invoices Uploaded in NexusConnect

Suppliers can also submit their invoices through the NexusConnect portal. Three easy ways:

Upload CSV file

Suppliers upload a CSV file containing invoice data. Nexus will generate an invoice image for the supplier to preview and submit.

Upload invoice image file

Suppliers upload invoice in PDF or Word format, add header information right on the screen, and submit with a click.

Submit invoice without image

Suppliers enter invoice information without an invoice image file. Nexus will generate an invoice for supplier to preview and submit.

Thousands of suppliers across the US accept virtual cards through Nexus AP Payments Software.

Bulk Invoices Transmitted via API

As part of Nexus’s eInvoice service, suppliers can transmit bulk invoice data to your NexusPayables account through an API and receive delivery confirmation.

Suppliers also can include the invoice image or Nexus can generate one on their behalf.​

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Suppliers Can Include Line-Item Details with Their Invoices

When suppliers submit invoices by emailing CSV files to Nexus, via the NexusConnect portal, or through eInvoice, they can include line-item details. This can help reduce errors and expedite invoice processing even more – since you’ll have all the data you need when reviewing.

Other Options for Invoice Submission/Ingestion

If you use the Nexus BPO offering, your suppliers can also send invoices in PDF format to a dedicated Nexus email or mail physical invoices to Nexus.

Plus, suppliers can send you their invoices directly, and you can scan into Nexus.

Suppliers Can Focus Less on AR and
More on Your Properties

Suppliers will thank you for the ability to submit invoices electronically via Nexus email, NexusConnect, and/or eInvoice
since they offer a host of benefits.

Less manual work

Suppliers can do everything invoice-related online with exports and clicks, not with paper, envelopes, and stamps.

24/7 visibility

Suppliers can see invoice status online, anytime and know if it’s submitted, paid, returned, etc.

Guaranteed invoice delivery

Suppliers can see/know if an invoice was delivered – no more worrying if it’s lost in the mail.

Less back-and-forth

Suppliers can include line-item details on their invoices, reducing errors and speeding up invoice processing time.