Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

For submitting invoices, receiving payments & using NexusConnect

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It’s essentially a one-time use credit card sent via email, and backed by Visa. You process the card numbers exactly like a credit card, with your POS terminal. While there’s no charge from Nexus, there is a Visa interchange fee.

The benefit: you’ll get paid quicker than checks and you can track them online in NexusConnect.

You process Nexus Virtual Cards much like credit cards. The Virtual Card consists of a 16-digit number, CVV, and expiration date, which you simply input in your Point-of-Sale system. You will then receive the funds in your linked bank account.

Yes. Nexus offers NexusDirect straight through processing which enables suppliers to receive payment through a virtual card – without having to enter numbers into a point-of-sale system.  Nexus will do that work for you and deposit the money directly into your bank account, for a competitive and consistent fee.

NexusConnect is an online self-service portal where suppliers like you can transact electronically with customers who are using the Nexus platform for their AP processes. You can:

  • upload and track invoices
  • approve/reject/comment on purchase orders
  • select payment preferences (when your customer uses NexusPayments)
  • track payments made through NexusPayments
No, but you must have access to the internet. NexusConnect works across all browsers.
No. For suppliers, it’s free to use.
Click the Forgot Password link on the NexusConnect sign-in screen. Follow the prompts and click Submit.
You will find many of your customers already use the Nexus platform for their Accounts Payable processes. After you log in to NexusConnect, you’ll be able to view a list of companies with whom you do business. Just connect with them and you can start sending invoices immediately. You’ll only need one login to access all your customers.
First, you’ll need a NexusConnect account. If you don’t yet have one, simply click here, hit “sign up”, and follow the prompts to create your account. Next, visit the Connections page and make sure you’re connected to the customer you wish to invoice.

If you’re not connected, just click the Send Request button and a connection request will be sent to your customer. You’ll be notified by email when your connection request has been approved.  And, you’ll also see the customer as a connection in the Connections Page on NexusConnect.   

Yes, once you’ve uploaded your invoice image, simply click the paperclip icon and proceed to upload your attachments.