Check out some Frequently Asked Questions about NexusConnect below:

1) What is NexusConnect?
NexusConnect is an online self-service portal where suppliers like you can transact electronically with customers who are using the Nexus platform for their AP processes. You can:

  • upload and track invoices
  • approve/reject/comment on purchase orders
  • select payment preferences (when your customer uses NexusPayments)

2) How do I sign up for NexusConnect?
Just click here and follow the prompts to complete sign up.

3) How many of my customers will I be able to interact with electronically?
You will find many of your customers already use the Nexus platform for their Accounts Payable processes. After you log in, you’ll be able to view a list of companies and match up with the ones you do business with. Just connect with them and you can start sending invoices immediately. One login is needed.

4) Do I need any software to use NexusConnect?
No, but you must have access to the internet. NexusConnect works across all browsers. It also works on mobile devices.

5) Is there any charge for using NexusConnect?
No. It’s free to use.

6) How do I enroll for payments?
Your customers have to first let Nexus handle their payments. If they do, Nexus will contact you and ask you to sign up for NexusConnect (if you haven’t already), and select your payment preferences.

7) I’ve been hearing a lot about Virtual Cards. What are they?
It’s essentially a cardless credit card. It can be processed exactly like a credit card, using your POS terminal. While there’s no charge from Nexus, there may be interchange fees.

The benefit: you could get paid quicker than checks, it’s more secure, and it’s backed by Visa. 

8) What is NexusPayables?
NexusPayables is part of the Nexus Procure-to-Pay platform. It’s a sister application to NexusConnect. Customers use it to manage every step – from procurement to payment – with clicks and screens, instead of paper. Suppliers can upload invoices directly into NexusConnect and Nexus will transfer them electronically to the customers’ NexusPayables site.

9) I still need additional help. What do I do next?
We’re happy to assist with any other FAQs. Click Contact Us above to reach us via phone, email, or trouble ticket.

10) How do I reset my password?
Click the Forgot Password link on the NexusConnect sign-in screen. Follow the prompts and click Submit.