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With NexusConnect, suppliers can securely and easily transact with customers who use Nexus for AP automation and payments. In this supplier self-service portal, they can:

  • Upload and send invoices directly to customers’ NexusPayables accounts.
  • Enroll in and view payments, such as Nexus Virtual Cards.
  • Approve/reject purchase orders.
  • Submit insurance documentation.
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NexusConnect is the industry leading supplier self-service portal. It works directly with NexusPayables, the top AP automation software for real estate companies.

We have been using NexusConnect to process our daily invoices for over a year. The platform is easy to use. We upload our invoices in a matter of seconds and can track the status of each invoice from submittal to final payment on one page.

[Nexus] customer service is Top Notch. [They’ve been] instrumental in helping us during initial set up and have been a great source of knowledge with our occasional queries. We are happy with NexusConnect and give them a 5 Star rating.

Patrick Lambert, Owner
Haul Gone LLC

Provide an online catalog for customers - so they can concentrate more spend with you.

With one NexusConnect login, suppliers can transact with multiple customers

Connect with Multiple Customers in One Place

Suppliers just send a connection request to customers with whom they do business. Once approved, suppliers can submit invoices and transact through the NexusConnect portal.

Upload & Submit Invoices Directly to Customers –
Get Guaranteed Delivery

Suppliers just upload their invoices directly into the NexusConnect supplier self-service portal, add a few details, and press submit.

The invoices land in their customers’ NexusPayables accounts, ready for processing.

Getting started is easy. Suppliers just enroll in NexusConnect, send connection requests to their buyers, and start transacting once their connection requests are approved.

Invoice formats accepted: PDF, Word, Excel, & Jpeg. Plus, include attachments up to 100MB per invoice.

Track Invoice Status with a Click

Get invoice status in the supplier self-service portal without ever picking up the phone

After submitting invoices, suppliers can view invoice status – submitted, approved, or rejected. They’ll also see if they have been paid, as long as the customer pays through NexusPayments.

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Suppliers can manage payments through NexusConnect, too.

Eligible suppliers will receive an email or phone call from Nexus offering an electronic payment method – virtual card or ACH – depending on their customers’ preference.

Both payment methods arrive faster than paper checks – and are more secure.

Once enrolled, suppliers can view payments every step of the way within the NexusConnect portal – processed, paid, sent, etc.

Receive Email Notifications for Each Virtual Card/ACH payment

Suppliers will also receive an email notification each time they’re paid via virtual card or ACH. The email includes details such as payor, total payment amount, and associated invoices.

Manage POs and Insurance Documentation Too

Manage Purchase Orders

Through NexusConnect, suppliers can receive purchase orders electronically from their connected buyers (if the buyers have activated this functionality in Nexus).

Suppliers can then accept or reject the PO, and even include a rejection reason.

Manage Insurance Policies

Suppliers can file insurance policies with their connected buyers online. Simply upload documentation and complete a few fields, such as expiration date.

Deliver insurance policies directly to the customer for review.

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