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Do You Supply Goods and Services to Real Estate Companies?

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Join the network of 300,000 suppliers who are already transacting electronically with their customers through the Nexus platform. With Nexus Connect, you can eliminate the mail float, admin errors, and other problems that slow down payments and consume your time.

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Manage Your POs with a Few Clicks

By signing up for Nexus Connect, you can manage and track the Purchase Orders sent through the Nexus platform. Just log in to the online portal to see all your POs, their statuses, and all other related details. You can approve/reject them with just a click and even send a note to your customer, without ever leaving the Nexus platform. 

Upload, Send, and Track Invoices Instantly

Eliminate data entry errors and lost invoices. Just upload invoices directly into the online portal, Nexus Connect, for indexing and delivery to your customers. In your dashboard, you can see their status – not delivered, delivered, paid, and returned.

Choose How You Get Paid

When Nexus handles payments for your customers, you’ll get the option to receive payment via Nexus Virtual Card or ACH. All you have to do is sign up with Nexus Connect, enter in some data, and select your payment preference. It’s as easy as that.

Get paid faster by selecting Nexus Virtual Card. There are no Nexus charges, although interchange fees may apply.

Boost Your Visibility

Ask how you can provide your catalog of goods and services to customers using the Nexus Purchase-to-Pay platform. Just give us the word and the content. We’ll initiate the matchmaking.

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