Nexus Deployment Learning Cycle

NDLC is a recurring series of online trainings, consisting of two cycles designed to help get your company up to speed on Nexus. One four-day cycle is dedicated to informing System Administrators how best to affect system-level changes within Nexus. The other four-day cycle walks attendees through all of the elements relating to the end-user experience in Nexus and OnTheGo.

A new client can participate in sessions from his/her desk, or collectively with a team from a conference room. Users can also participate in a session multiple times, at no additional cost to their company (for 60 days following the start of the implementation phase). Participants have the ability to select which sessions to attend, and only attend sessions that are relevant to them.

We highly recommend that System Administrators participate in both cycles. Attending training early on in the implementation process will help your company get the highest return on investment for Nexus.

System Administrator Track

This training is designed to enable any System Administrator (generally there are two per company) to make more informed decisions regarding the configuration of your NexusPayables site. We want to give you the tools to confidently take the reins of administrating your company’s AP system, and educate you on system configurations and their operational implications on the end-user experience.

End-User Track

This training provides users with all of the system tools and information to support their daily operations within NexusPaybles, and its ancillary products (NexusPayables OnTheGo, NexusConnect, etc.). From configuring individual settings and dashboards, through creating, approving, and routing purchase orders, invoices or receipts, this track takes you on a deep dive of NexusPayables and how best to gain comfort and efficiency in your AP system.

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Aug 13 – 16, 2019 – 12PM – 3PM ET

Sep 17 – 20, 2019 – 12PM – 3PM ET

Oct 22 – 25, 2019 – 12PM – 3PM ET

Nov 12 – 15, 2019 – 12PM – 3PM ET

Training Schedules & Topics

Responsibilities for System Administrators: Train specified System Administrators on how to administer the system. Class will include in-depth training on how to add new users, add new GL codes, add and delete properties, and add/edit/delete workflow rules.

  • System settings
  • Creating a new user
    • Assigning roles and properties to a user
    • How to update password
    • How to update personal information
    • Inactivating a user
  • Creating a new property
    • Managing a property
    • Creating fiscal calendars
    • Creating regions
  • Custom fields
  • Pick lists
  • Creating/editing workflows
  • Import/export utility
  • Creating GL codes/GL categories
  • Integration module
  • Catalog setup & maintenance
  • PO print settings
  • Variable currencies
  • Tax code
  • Login page
  • Password configuration
  • Set approval budget overage

Day 1 – 

This session serves as an introduction to the NexusPayables front-end experience by focusing on the settings that an individual can customize, the available functionality inherent in the homepage, the tools available for navigating throughout the system, accessing a vendor record and the information contained therein, viewing budget categories, budgets, and how to generate a report.

At the conclusion of this session, users will be able to:

  • Configure user settings to his/her preference
  • Tailor the display of the dashboard
  • Access the tools and modules contained in the menu bar
  • Find a vendor record and related information
  • Access the budget at-a-glance listings and use the budget search tool
  • Generate a standard report

Day 2 – 

During this session, participants will be introduced to all NexusPayables tools available to support the creation and submission of a purchase order for approval, and the receiving process.

At the conclusion of this session, users will be able to:

  • Create a catalog shopping list
  • Create a purchase order from a catalog shopping list
  • Create a purchase order independent of catalog
  • Mark items as received
  • Generate purchase order reports and custom reports

Day 3 – 

This session focuses on the introduction of invoice images in NexusPayables and the available mechanisms for creating a NexusPayables invoice, and submitting it for approval.

At the conclusion of this session, users will be able to:

  • Scan an invoice into NexusPayables
  • Manually upload an invoice image
  • Index an invoice image
  • Link a purchase order to an invoice image
  • Convert an image into an invoice
  • Link a purchase order to an open invoice
  • Code an invoice

Day 4 – 

During this session, the focus will be on the tools available to approvers of purchase orders and invoices, invoice post approval functionality, and working with NexusPayables OnTheGo. Additionally, there is a Q&A segment, enabling participants to revisit a functionality that has been presented, or gain additional clarification regarding an aspect of the systems.

At the conclusion of this session, users will be able to:

  • Approve a purchase order and/or invoice
  • Reject a purchase order and/or invoice
  • Apply the invoice post approval tools in the appropriate context
  • Register a mobile device for NexusPayables OntheGo
  • Create a purchase order with NexusPayables OnTheGo
  • Approve a purchase order or invoice with NexusPayables OnTheGo.

Open Forum – The final hour of this session is made available for participants to pose any questions regarding NexusPayables and NexusPayables OnTheGo functionality.

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