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Ditch Paper Checks. Use Nexus Payments Software to Pay Your Vendors. Initial Term Is Free. Plus, you’ll:

Shave hours off your week – 50% time savings

Reduce business payments costs by 40%

Earn rebates from your payments spend

The Nexus vendor payments system is built for multifamily, CRE & other real estate companies.

Sign up for supplier payments, launch fast, and you can bring your software licensing costs to $0. Restrictions apply.

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Issue Vendor Payments in a Few Clicks

Tired of writing paper checks and paying all the costs associated with them? Try NexusPayments. We’ll pay vendors (suppliers) on your behalf with Nexus Virtual Cards backed by Visa, ACH, or outsourced check. You’ll retain 100% flexibility and control – deciding which vendors get paid by us and which don’t.

Just send the payments from your GL to Nexus to process your AP payments

Pay on your terms, too. Whenever you’re ready, simply generate a file of approved invoices from your property management system and send it to Nexus’ online payments portal, NexusConnect. The portal will automatically pay your suppliers immediately – and they’ll receive funds in days.

On average, you’ll shave 50% off the time needed to issue business payments and 40% off the cost. Business payments made easy.

Nexus Gets Your Vendors on Board with a New Payment Method

Nexus will do all the legwork to switch vendors (suppliers) from in-house checks.

First, we’ll first identify all your vendors who already accept Nexus Virtual Card for invoice payment.

Then, we’ll reach out to the remainder and encourage them to accept this secure payment method, backed by Visa.

Any suppliers that can’t accept virtual card will be offered another type of e-payment, so you can stop cutting in-house checks for vendor invoices.

Track & Manage Vendor Payments Online

Both buyers and their suppliers can log in to Nexus and view the status of their invoice payments. Reconciliation is easily.

Track vendor payments online

Make AR Easier for Your Vendors

Faster Vendor Payments

Nexus processes vendor payments immediately. They reach suppliers in just a few days.

Visibility into Payments Status

Suppliers can track payment status online 24/7 using the NexusConnect online portal.

Guaranteed Payment

Nexus Virtual Cards are backed by Visa. You’re covered in the rare event that the supplier is hacked and funds are stolen.

Easy Reconciliation

All the remittance details are sent via email. They are also available in NexusConnect.

“I love that everything is taken care of with the click of a button. NexusPayments saves my colleagues time. It saves my company money. And we earn rebates to boot. So, it’s a win-win-win.”

Tom Guerrieri
Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer & Controller
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc.

Just send the payments from your GL to Nexus to process your AP payments

Earn rebates on your Nexus Virtual Card spend

And even reduce your risk of fraud

Nexus Virtual Cards are exceptionally secure, since they expire when they reach a $0 balance or haven’t been processed on time. So, you’ll reduce the chances of check and/or ACH fraud.

Host procurement catalogs within your procure-to-pay solution to make it easy for employees to purchase goods and services from approved suppliers.

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