Say Goodbye to the Back-and-Forth

Hand over the full-time job of managing your vendors to the NexusConnect online portal, where vendors can submit, receive, and track all their customer data and documentation.

Vendors will no longer need to call or email you to ask if an invoice has been delivered or paid. You won’t have to worry about enrolling them either – sign up is easy.

When suppliers can self-service using NexusConnect, they won't need to rely on your team for answers.
NexusConnect is an online portal for suppliers where they can access the data they need on purchase orders, invoices, and payments.

Swap manual AP vendor management for an easy-to-use portal

Using NexusConnect, Your Vendors Can Switch from Paper to Electronic

With just a few clicks, vendors can ditch the paper and adopt electronic invoicing and status tracking.

Vendor registration takes 3-5 minutes. Once they provide a few details, they’re done. They can start tracking purchase orders, sending invoices, and checking status.

If you’ve opted into NexusPayments, vendors can also elect their preferred automated payment method and view and track your payments in the portal. They can also receive payments from other clients, who participate in Nexus Payments’ offering.

Gain Efficiencies Overnight

Allow your staff to focus on more high-value activities because they won’t be tied down with calls and emails from vendors. Plus:

  • Centralize invoicing so vendors aren’t forcing your team to juggle various submission methods
  • Support large volumes of invoices with a scalable, automated strategy
  • Improve communication and build long standing relationships with your vendors
You can turn your time and attention to other important tasks with the help of NexusConnect.
Suppliers will love the information they have available at their fingertips.

Vendors Will Thank You for the Free Self-Service Tool

With the NexusConnect online portal, vendors can shave time and effort from their day:

  • By accepting POs and submitting invoices electronically, vendors can decrease invoice and payment processing times.
  • One login provides access to the entire Nexus network of customers, so vendors can connect and send electronic invoices with minimal keystrokes.
  • They’ll be able to focus on their work, not on their accounts receivable.

Are you a vendor interested in NexusConnect?

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