Use Nexus Virtual Cards to Pay Suppliers Quickly and Securely

Replace costly and manual paper checks with a secure Nexus Virtual Card. The card is guaranteed by Visa and electronically delivered in just days.

Nexus will electronically send single-use virtual cards to your suppliers.

Ideal for Real Estate

A Nexus Virtual Card is a secure payment method. It’s ideal for real estate companies that pay lots of vendors and want to safely “go electronic” overnight.

Nexus has built a large community of suppliers – associated with real estate – who accept this card as a payment method. And more opt in daily.

When it’s time to pay, Nexus digitally generates a card to cover a specific transaction – such as repairing the AC, shoveling common areas, etc. – and emails it to the vendor.

Reduce Fraud, Earn Rebates, and Reconcile Easily

Lowered risk of fraud with Nexus virtual cards

Less fraud risk

Nexus Virtual Cards have less fraud risk than checks and ACH. Each Nexus card expires when it has a $0 balance or hasn’t been processed on time.

Earn cash rebates with Nexus virtual cards

Cash rebates

Buyers get cash back for eligible payments made with virtual cards, with no cap on earnings potential.

Simple reconciliation

All the card details – and their associated invoices – are available in the NexusConnect online portal. See every card issued, processed, and outstanding.

Track & Manage Payments Online

Both buyers and their suppliers can log in to the NexusConnect portal to view:

  • Processed and unprocessed virtual card payments
  • Virtual card payments for a particular timeframe
  • Invoice(s) associated with each virtual card

Suppliers Get Paid Fast Without Hassle

Quick payment

Suppliers receive the Nexus Virtual Card in days. Far faster than check or ACH.

Full remittance data

Nexus sends suppliers detailed remittance data with each Nexus Virtual Card email.

No shared data

Suppliers don’t have to share their banking details with customers to receive payment.

It’s Easy for Suppliers to Process Nexus Virtual Cards

Suppliers process Nexus Virtual Cards similarly to credit cards. They simply plug the card numbers into their Point of Sale (POS) terminal. From there, money is deposited directly into their bank account, less the card transaction fee. Visa even guarantees the funds in the unlikely event that the supplier is hacked and the payment is stolen.

Suppliers enter card details in their Point of Sale terminal.

The money is deposited directly into their bank account.

Even if suppliers don’t have a POS, they can still receive virtual card payments through our NexusDirect solution. Once they’ve opted in, we’ll issue them virtual cards as normal, but will deposit funds directly into their designated bank account. No keying in any data.

Large Community of Card Acceptors

Nexus has a large community of real-estate-related suppliers who have opted into the Nexus Virtual Card program. With just a few clicks, these suppliers can quickly and easily accept virtual card from you.

Nexus is always working to convert more suppliers to card payments

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