The Nexus Difference

The only Procure-to-Pay platform that lets AP managers simplify their day-to-day, while increasing their visibility and control.

Move away from paper-based accounts payable - enable your team to work more efficiently with Nexus' automated accounts payable solution.
AP employees struggle to manage their daily tasks in a manual, paper-based environment.
The Nexus automated accounts payable solution lets you simplify your day-to-day.

How it Works

The Nexus automated Accounts Payable solution consists of two online portals which work together to manage every step of the purchase-to-pay process. AP managers primarily use NexusPayables to manage their spend, while suppliers use NexusConnect to manage their accounts receivable. The two portals exchange information seamlessly, enabling property managers and their suppliers to transact quickly and efficiently. The platform is fully customizable and includes eight modules: Catalog, Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Job Costing, Supplier ManagementPayments, Reporting, and Supplier Self-Service.

AP managers use NexusPayables to switch from paper to electronic for tasks such as ordering, creating purchase orders, managing suppliers, and handling invoicing, reporting, and job costing.

AP Manager

NexusPayables and NexusConnnect are the 2 portals that form the Nexus automated accounts payable solution. They work in tandem to connect real estate buyers with their suppliers.
AR managers use NexusConnect to self-service - they can use this portal to receive and accept purchase orders, submit invoices, and enroll in and track electronic payments.

AR Manager

Built for Real Estate

Use Nexus to expertly manage real estate’s unique AP demands. It can handle:

It's common for real estate AP teams to be buried in paper if they haven't embraced automation.

High invoice volumes

High volumes of invoices received from a myriad of suppliers, vendors, and contractors

It can be a struggle to deal with the many layers of invoice approvals necessary in real estate. Nexus software can ease the burden, automating the approval process.

Complicated approvals process

Complicated invoice approvals that can span regions and multiple teams

Nexus lets real estate companies easily manage their disparate properties, each of which incurs its own costs with its own set of suppliers.

Expenses incurred across multiple entities

Expenses incurred over 100s of entities, submitted by end users juggling a wide variety of responsibilities

Need a CAM report? Or Job Costing analysis? That’s available in real-time.

Plus, you won’t have to change your unique business rules or workflows. The technology is adapted to you. Not the other way around.

Ready-to-Go Network of Real Estate Suppliers

Move from paper to electronic processes easily. Nexus has a pre-built network of 300,000 real estate suppliers- painters, plumbers, supply companies, etc. – who have already submitted invoices to and/or received payments from the Nexus platform, so they’re ready to work with you on Day One.

Sign up on NexusConnect

Many more suppliers are enrolling with NexusConnect every day because it makes it easy for them to track/manage their invoices and POs, so they can get paid faster.

Nexus has a pre-built network of over 300,000 suppliers who are already enabled to transact with the real estate companies who use them.

300,000 real estate related suppliers use or have used Nexus

Don't worry about ramping up on Nexus software. You'll find it easy to use! Plus Nexus offers training and support should you ever have any questions.

Easy-to-Use Software and Accessible Training

Reduce processing time and remove approval bottlenecks immediately. Nexus software is easy to use, even by workers with no AP training. Nexus has plenty of learn-on-your own videos and webinars. There’s also guidance right in the software, so if you ever have a question, the answer is at your fingertips.

Critical for Financial Transformation

Decrease data entry and lost invoices. Eliminate duplicate payments and late fees. And gain opportunities to maximize revenue. With Nexus, you’ll get complete visibility into every invoice and PO. You’ll also see financial weaknesses, including where processes break down.

Nexus will also help you identify the suppliers who are ripe for accepting Virtual Card payments, saving you the expense of checks, and earning valuable rebates in the process.

Fully Scalable

Get excited about growth. The Nexus platform can support:

  • Thousands of users
  • Unlimited numbers of properties
  • Multiple banking relationships
  • Countless suppliers
  • Different GLs

It’s fully scalable.

Nexus can scale as your business scales. Once you've automated your processes, you'll be able to handle an increase in invoice volume without missing a beat.