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Why Treasury & Finance Pros Choose Nexus

Working capital management is more important than ever to businesses. More effectively managing cash enables businesses to reduce borrowing and take advantage of early-pay discount opportunities. NexusPayables provides treasury managers and finance executives with tools to more easily and accurately analyze cash flow and manage liquidity to make working capital decisions.

Improved financial visibility

  • Real-time tracking of purchase orders and invoices
  • Tracking of lien waivers and other specialized documents
  • Instant access to electronic invoices and data from any location
  • Robust front-end and back-end reporting, include pending reports and historical reports
  • On-demand variance reports
  • Seamless integration with legacy general ledger, accounting and ERP systems

Working capital benefits

  • More early-payment discount opportunities and fewer late payments
  • Comparisons of budgeted versus actual expenses
  • Virtual credit card rebates

Stronger financial controls

  • Purchase order (PO)-based invoicing
  • Vendor compliance tools
  • Real-time purchase order and invoice tracking

“We use a lot of reports day in and day out… we have actually streamlined our whole entire AP automation solution with Nexus. And the partnership that we have with [Nexus] has just made it awesome! It’s a great, great system. And, it’s made us world class.”

– Traci Adams, Manager, Treasury Operations, Edens