Finance professionals know that AP automation delivers tremendous tactical benefits, particularly in terms of reducing costs.

But more businesses are discovering that full AP automation also delivers strategic benefits across the enterprise.


For starters, full AP automation enables businesses to improve their cash flow by managing their payables, early-payment discount opportunities, and Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) with greater accuracy and control.  

Full AP automation also provides the visibility senior finance leaders need to take advantage of early-payment discount opportunities, maximize returns, and reduce borrowing costs.  

Help ensure budget and contract compliance by allowing buyers to link the purchase order requisition process with a department’s budget and set business riles for price and quantity tolerances during invoice processing using a fully automated AP solution.

It also ensures that finance leaders have ready access to the accurate and complete information they need for planning, forecasting and decision-making.  History shows that companies that react swiftly have a far better chance of preserving profitability during business downturns.  

Finally, the technology enhances supplier relations.  Suppliers benefit from reduced invoice present costs, reduced DPO, real-time self-service access to invoice and payment status, streamlined dispute management, and improved cash flow.  These benefits improve a buyer’s position during contract negotiations, potentially reducing its cost of goods.  

None of this is possible in a manual or semi-automated AP environment.  

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